About Us

What is Headzup?

Founded in 2004 by John and Joan Shay, Headzup is Catch & Release Comedy™ For Cell Phones And Video iPods. Published daily, Headzup editorial cartoons and parody clips are designed to be downloaded to cell phones and shared as picture messages. Fans who “catch” a headzup on their cell phone typically personalize the clip by adding their own text message before “releasing” the clip back into the wild… also known as sending a “headzup” to a friend.

“Hey dude, thanks for the headzup the other day! By the way, when exactly is the Ides of March?”

• Julius Caesar – March 15, 44 BC

Why Are The Video Clips Only 30-45 Seconds Long?

Headzup messages are designed for next-generation cell phones that support video play back. Individual clip files are kept tiny to ensure frictionless peer-to-peer file sharing world-wide across global 2G or 3G cellular networks. That’s right, with Catch & Release Comedy™ , you don’t need permission from your cellular network operator to distribute headzup’s outrageous comedy to your friends. You “catch” a clip… you enjoy a clip… you “release” a clip back into the wilds of the global mobile networks.

Who makes the clips?

Matthew Filipowicz

Matthew Filipowicz was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and has been writing and performing comedy in one form or another since he was 17. He was the founder and head writer for the ground breaking sketch comedy troupe O.C.Y.C. which received “Critic’s Choice” from the Chicago Reader.

Matthew currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and makes a new political cartoon every day for the website, Headzup.tv.

Those same cartoons are also featured daily on Mike Papantonio’s (from Air America’s “Ring of Fire”) GoLeft.tv. Matthew has also made several exclusive clips for GoLeft, as well as a segment introduction for The Young Turks.

His cartoons have been featured on CNN, NPR, PBS, HBO, BBC, Ain’t It Cool News, the online versions of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic and the London Times, as well as Air America’s the Thom Hartman Show, The Young Turks, Ring Of Fire and great deal of sites in the liberal blogosphere including Crooks & Liars, DailyKos, Brave New Films, and many, many more. He has created cartoons for VoteVets, the ACLU-SC, Mother Jones Magazine, Netroots Nation, and the National Conference For Media Reform.

He is also a regular guest on Air America’s Ring of Fire, blogs at the Huffington Post, is the co-head of Chicago’s Drinking Liberally chapter, and the head of Chicago’s Laughing Liberally chapter. He also performs and shows cartoons in Chicago with his comedy group, the Accountants of Homeland Security.

More of his work can be seen on his website www.matthewf.net

How Do I Contact Headzup?

You can download free Headzup clips directly to your cell phone by pointing your phone’s browser to our mobile portal (www.headzup.tv/mobile/). We only ask that you generously share the clips with your family, friends, pets, and all other ZUPreme Beings you have in your life.

General inquiries, please send emails to: info@headzupentertainment.com

Network Operators • Manufactures • Content Aggregators: Headzup Entertainment L.L.C. licenses and distributes content to network operators, handset manufacturers, and aggregators.

Please direct business and licensing inquiries to: getzup@headzupentertainment.com

Please direct business inquiries to: services@headzupentertainment.com

You may also write to us at:

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